Arborist Tree Services in Nuns' Island, QC.

We offer a wide range of tree services to the Nuns' Island community including tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming, emergency tree services and more. We created this page to help you find more information about tree regulations & rules in Nuns' Island, tree permits, important links & phone numbers, all in one easy place for you to find. (You can save and bookmark this page for future reference)

  • Tree Premits & Regulations

    In Nuns' Island, the city requires a permit for felling/removing a tree, but does not require one for pruning a tree.

  • Tree Subsidy Program

    Yes, there is a tree subsidy program available in Nuns' Island. However, for specific details and eligibility criteria, we recommend visiting the city's official website.

  • Urban Planning Contact


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Need a hand with tree services in Nuns' Island? Arbo MTL has got you covered!

With years of expertise and simply passionate arborists, our dedicated team is ready to tackle all your tree care needs. From tree removal to pruning, stump grinding to emergency services, we've got the skills and equipment to handle it all. Trust Arbo MTL to deliver professional, reliable, and efficient service, ensuring your trees stay healthy and your property looks its best. Contact us today to experience the difference our team can make for your trees!

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Learn more about our tree services. Don't forget that when we come to quote, you can walk and discuss with our specialist, ask them questions and get their professional opinion. They're happy to help and share some knowledge.

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Couldn't have asked for a better tree pruning service! Jean-Michel was excellent to deal with from start to end of the job. Plus, the pricing was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend ArboMTL to other homeowners.
Edith B, Dorval
They dropped the tree dead center, perfectly calculated. Talk about professionals with experience. I really appreciated the attention to detail, they cleaned up the yard and didn't leave any branches or leaves behind.
Mateo S, Notre-Dame-De-Lile-Perrot
We had a big tree that was dead and had to be cut down. I got at least 8 estimates to choose from and I don’t regret going with these guys. Professional + the price was good.
Alex T, Pointe-Claire